Comptroller General’s Advisory Council on Government Auditing Standards (2022-2026)

Erica Forhan, Chair
Moss Adams LLP

David Berry
National Labor Relations Board, Office of Inspector General

Irving L. Dennis
American Cornerstone Institute

Renee Flasher
Penn State Harrisburg

Cathy Helm
Smithsonian Institute, Office of Inspector General

Nick Hart
Data Foundation

Lindsey D. Oakley

Timothy M. O’Brien
City and County of Denver

Kerrey M. Olden

April Renfro
State of Idaho, Legislative Services Office – Audit Division

Doug A. Ringler
State of Michigan

Brianna Schletz
U.S. Election Assistance Commission, Office of Inspector General

Corrie Stokes
City of Austin

Lorin Venable
U.S. Department of Defense, Office of Inspector General

Theresa Watson
City of Houston

GAO Project Team

James R. Dalkin, Director
Phyllis L. Anderson, Assistant Director
Michael F. Bingham, Assistant Director
Roger J. Bradley, Auditor in Charge
Bradley A. Johnson, Senior Auditor
Caitlin M. Loftus, Auditor

Beryl H. Davis, Managing Director, Financial Management and Assurance
Robert F. Dacey, Chief Accountant

Staff Acknowledgments

In addition to the project team named above, also contributing were Matthew M. Gardner, John R. Grobarek, Joanne Howard, Jason Kirwan, Tuan H. Lam, Jean Mathew, Brian Paige, and Kimberly Y. Young.